20 Epic Berserk Tattoos

Have you been thinking of getting a tattoo from one of your favorite mangas/animes? Berserk is a popular choice for many.

Berserk is a dark fantasy-themed manga created and illustrated by Kentaro Miura. For those who have read the manga, they’ll know that Miura puts a lot of effort into his illustrations. The manga is both dark, and beautiful. The beauty of Miura’s illustrations speaks for itself, as you’ll notice how detailed each page of the manga really is. It’s hard not to want to get something from Berserk tattooed on you.

Today, we’re going to take a look at 20 of the coolest Berserk tattoos that people have gotten out there. Check out the link to each of the tattoo artists’ profiles in the links below each picture.

Guts Panel Tattoo

Guts Panel by @kuntrevolution_art

Starting off the list strong with this awesome manga panel-styled Berserk tattoo. When getting tattoos of anime/manga characters, it’s important to go to artists that either specializes in it or have a demonstrated history of tattooing anime/manga styled characters. This is because it can be difficult for some tattoo artists to get the dimensions and proportions done right. This awesome tattoo by @kuntrevolution_art shows is a great example of what a high-quality tattoo looks like.

Guts and Schierke

Guts and Schierke by @toniangar

This piece is a very bold piece, demonstrating thick lines to make the tattoo stand out a bit more. The piece shows a concerned Schierke doing her best to keep Guts under control, and preventing him from going full berserker under the influence of the infamous berserker armor that he dawns.

Guts, Thick Lined Style

Guts, Thick Lined Style by @inkedpratts

A very different style of art compared to what you see in the manga, with some great shading and dot work. What’s awesome about this piece is the placement on the client’s body. In a vertical space, it can be sometimes very hard to tattoo certain designs. For example, the first piece on this list that’s in a panel style. This vertical piece fits perfectly.

Guts in Berserker Armor

Guts in Berserker Armor by @chisky_ikari

This piece shows Guts with a worrisome expression as he fights to prevent being taken over by the influence of the berserker armor.

Full Berserk Sleeve

Full Berserk Sleeve by @teo_blood_line

Different from what you’d typically see from a Berserk tattoo, this piece is a vertical full-arm sleeve depicting Void and Slan of the God Hand, as well as Griffith and Guts. The art style used here seems to be influenced by the original art style adopted by the manga in its early days.

Guts Swinging in Berserker Armor

Guts Swinging in Berserker Armor by @oskar_gurbada

With some incredible line work, this piece depicts Guts in his berserker armor while he’s mid-swing with his Dragon Slayer sword. The lines behind Guts have been used very cleverly, making use of the ragged cape that Guts travels with, and transitioning it into a background.

Skull Knight

Skull Knight by @xcjxtattooer

One of my favorite characters, Skull Knight is shown wielding his Beherit Sword in front of what seems to be the eclipse.

Guts Kneeling

Guts Kneeling by @brightbones

This tattoo of Guts in his berserker armor has a tinge of red ink, which makes the tattoo ‘pop’ just a little bit more. Using selective colors in your tattoos can help give the tattoo a more impactful appearance, as seen in the eyes of Guts, and the slashes of red behind him to symbolise the blood of his foe.

The Brand of Sacrifice

The Brand of Sacrifice by @tekkin_ttt

The curse mark tattoo from Berserk, more commonly known as the Brand of Sacrifice, is one of the more popular Berserk tattoos that you’ll see out there. From the anime/manga, it signifies being marked as a sacrifice for the creatures of the darkness. This is a very iconic tattoo, and it’s no surprise that it’s one of the more widely tattooed designs.

The Beast of Darkness

The Beast of Darkness by @breakdown.tattoo

A less commonly found tattoo, the Beast of Darkness is the representation of Guts’ wrath and bloodlust. As depicted in the anime/manga, it’s the embodiment of pure rage, and this same sense is conveyed in this piece by @breakdown.tattoo.

The Behelit

The Behelit by @methentropy_

The Behelit (or Beherit) is a popular icon for the infamous manga, most notably due to its unique design. Much like the Brand of Sacrifice, this piece is very versatile and can be placed almost anywhere.

The Brand Finger Tattoo

The Brand Finger Tattoo by @oxyco_tattoo

Another spotlight for the popular Brand of Sacrifice tattoo from Berserk. The great thing about the curse mark symbol is that it’s versatile in the sense that placement isn’t really a problem, as demonstrated in this awesome little piece on the finger.

Guts Inside His Armor

Guts Inside His Armor by @brucetattoomg

A classic and striking pose from the protagonist of the manga, this piece shows Guts dawning the berserker armor while giving a tenacious smirk.

Post-Eclipse Guts

Post-Eclipse Guts by @arthurcourytattoos

With some pieces, you’ll notice that the artist has included a slight background. As depicted in this tattoo, the diamond shape gives the tattoo structure and helps make the tattoo stand out. This piece shows a post-eclipse Guts, but wearing the armor he used before finally getting the berserker armor.

Taking Over

Taking Over by @jeanjean_du_sud

A greater merger piece showing a mix of both Guts and the Beast of Darkness.

Guts and Griffith

Guts and Griffith by @tomasan.tattoo

A nice little duo piece, showing both Guts and Griffith, as well as Guts’ light-hearted companion, Puck.

The Stare

The Stare by @ukiyo__nyc

If you’ve looked up pictures of Guts or Berserk from before, you’ve very likely come across this image. Another iconic frame from the manga, this frame is commonly associated with Guts’ in his earlier days of recovery from the eclipse.

Vibrant Red Guts in Rage

Vibrant Red Guts in Rage by @toniangar

A truly striking tattoo, this piece incorporates a lot of vibrant color, yet the color range remains minimal to give the tattoo more of an impact. While still recognizably from Berserk, this piece is super unique and seems to have been custom designed.

Zodd the Immortal

Zodd the Immortal by @nadine__tarantino

Another fan-favorite is Zodd, the Immortal. The legendary swordsman (and notable apostle) is depicted in a very different and unique art style in this piece, resembling more of a traditional style tattoo than that of the manga/anime.

Femto Rising

Femto Rising by @lauriane_tattooer

We finish this list off with this amazing black-heavy piece by @lauriane_tattooer that shows a newly born Femto, rising from the ashes of the being once known as Griffith.

That’s a wrap!

Hopefully, you enjoyed looking at some of the coolest Berserk tattoos out there, and hopefully, you’ve found some inspiration for your next Berserk tattoo.

Featured image by @endlessexpansion

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