10+ Awesome Castlevania Tattoos

Thinking of getting a Castlevania tattoo? Check out some of these cool Castlevania tattoos done by artists around the world!

Castlevania the anime was inspired by the video game of the same name. Vampires, demons, Dracula – what’s not to love? The anime has beautiful illustrations and characters full of backstory. Because of that, you might be considering getting a Castlevania tattoo to show off your love for the anime and/or video game series.

Take a look at some of the coolest and most inspired tattoos out there from other Castlevania fans!

Dracula and Dracula’s Castle

Tattoo of Dracula from Castlevania.

By @jesussandovaltatuador

Dracula and the Whip

Dracula with fire.

By @myriam.dey.tattoo

Black Alucard Tattoo

Alucard tribal piece.

By @fynixdown

Alucard with Dracula’s Castle Tattoo

Alucard leg tattoo.

By @inkedpratts

Manga-style Alucard

Manga style Alucard tattoo.

By @maxcastrotattoo

Dracula’s Floating Castle

Dracula's castle.

By @ozarustudio

Red Manga-style Dracula

Red Dracula tattoo.

By @ghoulstattoos

Dracula Crying Blood

Coloured Dracula tattoo.

By @mikendazzoart

Trevor Belmont with the Morning Star Whip

Trevor Belmont tattoo

By @isnardbarbosa

Minimal Alucard with a Sword

Black and white Alucard tattoo

By @raainetto

Dracula and Dracula’s Wife Sleeve

Dracula from Castlevania tattoo sleeve

By @diegoshogun

Blonde Alucard

Blonde Alucard tattoo

By @curvy_n_inked
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