10 Best Journals and Notebooks For Men (2024)

Buying a journal for Men can be difficult if you're not sure what to look for. Take a look at our list of the best journals for Men in 2023.
Keeping track of your thoughts on your phone, while rewarding, doesn’t really feel as satisfying as writing them down. In fact, studies show that you’re more likely to retain information when writing it down as opposed to typing it out. Regardless, the act of writing is a therapeutic and relaxing exercise. It helps clear your mind and organise your thoughts. Whether you’re making quick notes or writing about your entire day, take a look at some of the best journals for men.

What to Consider When Choosing a Men’s Journal

Before you buy a journal, you must consider a few key factors when shopping to ensure you’re getting a good quality journal. Here are a few factors we considered when making our list of best personal journals for men.

Cover Material

The material used for the cover of your book is important because you’ll be handling it daily. Leather journals, while generally more expensive, are easy to clean and have a very distinct smell. Cloth covers are cheaper and have a classic feel to them, but they are prone to fading when exposed to sunlight over time and don’t handle water as well as leather does.


Journals can come in varying sizes. Some come smaller so it’s more convenient to carry around with you all day. Consider where you will be taking your journal. If you’ll be journaling at home or work only, it’s not that important since it won’t be with you all day. If you’re travelling or pretty to write on-the-go, perhaps a smaller one will work better.


Some journals include prompts on the page or at least some pages. They’re useful for sparking creative flow when you’re experiencing writer’s block. They also encourage the most active use of your journal, considering you will open it and already have something to write about. Though the art of maintaining journals is considered an old-school affair, the trend is coming back due to the tremendous amounts of benefits it caters to.

10 Best Journals for Men in 2022

Finally, let’s take a look at our list of cool journals for men to help you make an informed purchase.

Pick #1: Gratitude Journal for Men

The Gratitude Journal

Main benefits:

  • Concise.
  • Journaling the gratitude section helps you focus on the good aspects of life.
  • Less time-consuming.
  • It makes a perfect gift for all age groups.
  • It is ideal for developing the habit of maintaining journals as it is easy to maintain.
The Gratitude Journal for Men by Paper Peony Press has a perfect design with an easy-to-record format that encourages beginners to begin with maintaining journals. This journal with prompts has short, easy-to-fill spaces that make the process enjoyable. Generally, the major setback for not maintaining a journal is a lack of time. But this cool journal takes very little time to fill but is as beneficial as the long ones. The journal comes with a satin marker and good quality hardcover wrapped with linen!

Pick #2: Thick Hardcover Ruled Notebook

Thick hardcover ruled notebook

Main benefits:

  • Good quality paper.
  • Loop to place the pen.
  • Simple design.
  • It lays flat and doesn’t fold when left.
  • Strong exterior.
Thick Hardcover Ruled Notebook is one of the best personal journals for men. This journal has a strong exterior which helps in easy handling. The sleek design gives it a professional look so that you can carry it anywhere. The best part of this journal is that it has a pen loop to secure your pen in place. The book also has rounded edges to prevent cutting. The paper quality of this journal is amazing, which would not let the ink transfer from one page to another. Moreover, the ink will stay intact for a long duration as the paper is acid-free, protecting it from air or light. The color of the pages is off-white, which adds a soothing effect.

Pick #3: C.R. Gibson Brown Bonded Leather Journal

C.R. Gibson Brown Bonded Leather Journal

Main benefits:

  • It has a classic look.
  • The bookmark is ribbon-shaped for easy handling.
  • It can be used for varied purposes by all age groups.
  • The journal has an elastic closure.
  • Available in different sizes and colors.
The cover of C.R. Gibson Brown Bonded Leather Journal is made up of great leather. The book’s elastic closure keeps it secured when not being used, making it a great leather journal men. The book’s pages are sewn together and not glued, making it lay down and not close as soon as you place it. This men’s leather journal is available in different colors and various sizes. So the three different sizes can be used for different purposes for an organized look. The book’s interior comprises 240 lined pages. The ink used for the lining is soy ink which increases the durability. The pages are also acid-free, which prevents bleeding of ink.

Pick #4: Daily Positivity Journal

The Best Journal Ever

Main benefits:

  • Interactive journal.
  • It can be used as a tremendous habit-changing aid.
  • Best gift for the ones you care for.
  • Sleek design.
  • It is supplemented by motivational quotes.
The Daily Positivity Journal is the best man journal in the market which has taken the task of instilling positivity to another level. The journal comes with motivational quotes and an interactive outline that enables you to make small changes that would significantly impact the long run. The 222 pages notebook is divided into four primary sections, consisting of self-care tips and other tasks for overall development. The journal has two chief aspects for tracking your growth in this journey of journaling:
  • A thirty-day reflection section – Journaling this section every day will help you understand your growth at the end of the month. It also will give an idea of what possible corrections can be made for further improvement.
  • A six-month habit tracker – With the help of this section, you will be able to cultivate some good habits over time. The target or dream habit that you wish to develop can be decided at first and everyday progress towards achieving it can be recorded. Recording the development will make you feel accountable, and you will strive genuinely towards success.

Pick #5: Full Grain Leather Journal with String Wrap

Handmade Leather Journal

Main benefits:

  • Classic appearance.
  • It comes with a free magnetic pen.
  • Great gift.
  • Made with handmade paper for an enhanced experience.
  • It is provided in a gift box.
If you are obsessed with owning handmade stuff, then Full Grain Leather Journal with String Strap is the best leather journal for you. The journal, made of buffalo leather, has a classic appearance. The journal is provided with a leather sling that can be wound around the book, augmenting the classic appearance. The pages of the journal are made of handmade paper, which is aesthetically appealing as well as environmentally friendly. The paper is made out of recycled cotton and is free of acid and wood. The pages are lined and are not refillable. The journal comes with a free magnetic closure pen, an added advantage. Apart from being a splendid journal, this book can also be used as a travel buddy, planner, scrapbook, and much more.

Pick #6: Beechmore Books Ruled Journal

Beechmore Books Leather Journal

Main benefits:

  • Ergonomic design.
  • Thicker paper.
  • Durable binding.
  • Elastic closure.
  • Excellent presentation and classic appearance.
  • Packed in a luxury box, making it a great gift.
The makers of Beechmore Books Ruled Journal believe in making every journaling experience worth remembering. The journal is made in such a way that every note, every imagination, every thought you wish to jot down will flow effortlessly from your mind to the paper. This is made possible with the ergonomic design and the supreme quality paper used. The journal is wrapped in tissue and then presented in a luxury box. Whether you are gifting it to a loved one or buying it for yourself, this bound leather journal will not fail to win hearts. The exterior of the journal is made of vegan leather, which is specially sourced. These journals are created in the British style, making them appear classic and timeless. The journal is bound by a secure process making it last for a long time. It is also provided with an elastic closure and a bookmark for easy handling. The backside has a hidden pocket where you can keep all the important cards or papers or dear letters.

Pick #7: Worry for Nothing Journal

Worry for Nothing Journal

Main benefits:

  • Prudent designing
  • Helps in improving mental health
  • Has various exercises that are approved and supported by therapists.
  • Small size enables ease of carrying during traveling
  • Great quality
The Worry for Nothing Journal is the best gift for your friend who has anger issues or anxiety and is working towards solving it. The journal has sections filled with prompts and questions which are carefully designed to improve mental health. It works towards controlling trigger events, thinking manners, emotional outbursts, and maintains a record of various events. This collectively helps in identifying shortcomings and working towards improving them. This journal can act as your personal therapist. The best part is that it becomes easy to carry it along due to its great design. The book is made of high-quality cover and covered with black colored linen. The papers inside are thick and prevent bleeding of ink.

Pick #8: Classic Notebook with Pen Loop

Thick Classic Notebook with Pen Loop

Main benefits:

  • Great quality product
  • Has pockets with dividers for easy storage of papers or important cards
  • Multipurpose usage
  • Simple design
  • Accompanied by pen holder
The Classic Notebook With Pen Loop is great for journaling everyday events. It is made of long-lasting hardcover, which is comfortable to handle. The great part of this journal is that it comes with a pen loop that holds the pen. This acts as a step towards ergonomic design. The journal has an inner pocket where you can store important papers or visiting cards. This multipurpose journal can be used as a journal or college record, travel partner, etc.

Pick #9: Refillable Travelers Leather Journal

Refillable Handmade Travelers Notebook

Main benefits:

  • Environment friendly
  • Durable
  • Pocket-sized
  • Great gift
The best aspect of Refillable Travelers Leather Journal is that it is refillable. This makes the journal environment friendly as lesser resources get utilised while refilling compared to using a new one. The other exciting feature of the refillable design is that new pages can be customised just the way you wish. This leather journal has a beautiful texture and is unique in its way. It is also travel friendly; its small size facilitates easy carrying.

Pick #10: LeStallion Journal for Men

LeStallion Leather Journal For Men

Main benefits:

  • Coloured edging
  • Thick paper quality
  • Metal bookmark
  • Content section for indexing
  • Soft leather cover
  • Storage pocket
LeStallion Journal for Men is a soft bound leather journal with a unique design. It has a storage pocket at the rear end to store bills conveniently. The journal is provided with a beautiful casing, making it a great gift option. It has a separate content section to index the topics and dates that you have journaled.

Benefits of Journaling

Journaling has many incredible benefits. Take a look at a few of the main reasons why you should consider buying a journal.
  • Improved mental health – Journaling has been known to improve mental health by alleviating stress, anxiety, etc. Stress is mainly caused by trying to mount the problems and emotions within and not sharing them. Through journals, one can express and reduce the impact considerably.
  • Organizational qualities – Maintaining a journal requires a lot of discipline. The journal needs to be updated with the details each and every day of the events. That discipline tends to be reflected in daily life too, and the person becomes more organized.
  • Helps achieve goals – Experts suggest that if you intend to execute the planned goal, jot it down. Journaling your dreams can act as a reminder every day, and you will voluntarily plan your actions accordingly.
  • Improves language – Writing your journal helps to improve your language with eventual practice. It improves the vocabulary too.
  • Creative Growth – Journaling requires you to think and express your thoughts. This will eventually enhance your creative abilities and thinking capacity.
While you may not see improvement immediately, with consistent effort, you will be able to reap the benefits of active journaling.

Notebooks vs. Journals

If you don’t know the difference between notebooks and journals, it’s quite easy to understand. Notebooks and notepads are used for notetaking. They’re typically used to take meeting notes, make a quick plan for the day, or write something down to expand on it later. Journals are used for journaling. This involves writing about your thoughts and feelings so you can review them and understand them more clearly. Journaling is often recommended as a stress management activity, as it gives you time to slow down and process your thoughts. To be fair, you don’t need to pick a specific type of book to use for a specific type of activity. Some people find journaling in notebooks fine. Others prefer making notes in journals. It’s all about preference and how you want to use it.

Journaling allows you to organize your thoughts onto a piece of paper. Writing them down allows you to break them apart and work on them. For instance, if you have a problem that’s constantly circling on your mind, writing it down allows you to identify the origins and create a plan to address it.

Yes, of course! Oftentimes when you overthink, you’re thinking about the same thing over and over again in an endless loop. To break this loop, writing down what you’re thinking allows you to look at it from a different perspective. Why burden yourself by thinking about the same thing constantly when you can write it down and make a plan to resolve it?

To begin journaling, you must first buy a journal. Once you have a journal, you must form a habit of journaling consistently. For example, you can make a reminder in your calendar to journal for at least 20 minutes every day. Then, as time goes on, you can customize this habit to your liking.

If you feel that it’s hard to spark the creative juices when journaling, consider using prompts to give your brain a kickstart. Prompts give you a topic to write about so you don’t have to worry about thinking of one yourself.

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