Moon and snake tattoo. (Source: @yulright_tattoo)

25 Moon Tattoos and Meanings

Moon tattoos come in all shapes and sizes. Check out these Moon tattoos for inspiration and discover the meaning behind them.

When you are getting a tattoo, there are many options. Here we’ll the meanings behind Moon tattoos and why getting a Moon tattoo is a perfect idea. The Moon is a symbol of beauty. It undergoes many changes, like the changes in our lives. Still, its beauty remains the same. Moon tattoos are pleasing to look at. And each phase of the Moon’s tattoo tells us a different story. So, a Moon tattoo can be a symbolic representation of your life. You are not ever going to regret getting a Moon tattoo.

Links to the tattoo artists and studios are provided under each image.

Full Moon Tattoo

The Full Moon is full of energy. And more illuminating than the rest of the phases. The Full Moon represents the completion of your dreams. This Full Moon tattoo will inspire you to be determined. It shows that you will shine one day, similar to the Full Moon’s light.

Black full Moon tattoo. (Source: @sissy_fistttt)
Black full Moon tattoo. (Source: @sissy_fistttt)

Realistic full moon tattoo on arm. (Source: @ilhan_bilir)

Source: @ilhan_bilir

Minimal light full moon tattoo on arm. (Source: @wimswim)

Source: @wimswim

Realistic full moon tattoo on ankle. (Source:


Geometric full moon tattoo. (Source: @tattooist_giho_)

Source: @tattooist_giho_

Crescent Moon Tattoo

A crescent Moon symbolizes hope. If it is your first experience getting a tattoo, you should go for a simple one. Crescent Moon tattoos are simple, and they look elegant. Wherever you get a Crescent Moon tattoo, it will look appealing. If you want, you may add further details to it. The smooth arches with sharp edges of the Moon make the Crescent Moon tattoo more magical. So, getting this tattoo is never a bad idea. Generally, Crescent Moon Tattoos are smaller and simpler. So, they look best on the wrist, fingers, neck, or on your ankle.

Realistic crescent moon tattoo on arm.

Source: @maro_ink

Lavender crescent moon tattoo. (Source: @xiso_ink)

Source: @xiso_ink

Cat reaching for a star on a crescent moon tattoo. (Source: @lyndzee_)

Source: @lyndzee_

Blackwork crescent moon with face. (Source: @rachktattoo)

Source: @rachktattoo

Black crescent moon with a dagger and moths. (Source: @arcanetraditions)

Source: @arcanetraditions

Moon Phases Tattoo

Different phases of the Moon represent growth. And show changes that are undergoing naturally. So, the Moon phase tattoo interprets that nothing will be permanent. Everything is going to change someday. Each phase of the Moon has its own meaning. A Moon phases tattoo is a collection of many Symbolic representations. So, this tattoo is a popular one.

Small tattoo on arm of the different moon phases. (Source: @little.tattoos)

Source: @little.tattoos

Blackwork moon phases tattoo. (Source: @yeekiitattoo)

Source: @yeekiitattoo

Blue watercolor moon phase tattoo. (Source:


Realistic moon phases arm tattoo. (Source: @sebastian_tattoo)

Source: @sebastian_tattoo

Moon phases with water tattoo. (Source: @squidzink_)

Source: @squidzink_

Sun and Moon tattoo

Sun and Moon are two opposing powers. This Tattoo makes us accept the fact that; opposing things do co-exist. Sun and moon tattoos can be a symbol of your dark and light side. One should embrace both sides confidently.

Sun and moon tattoos with faces. (Source: @


Bold lined sun and moon tattoo. (Source: @neonmoontattoos)

Source: @neonmoontattoos

Black dotwork sun and moon tattoo with faces. (Source: @link.ys)

Source: @link.ys

Floral sun and moon tattoo. (Source: @frozenink_tattoo)

Source: @frozenink_tattoo

Thick lined sun and moon tattoo. (Source: @druwide)

Source: @druwide

Stars and Moon Tattoo

This kind of tattoo is a detailed one, with a single moon and stars around it. The Stars and Moon tattoos represent a bond between a mother and her children. This tattoo also represents hope. In the night sky, the Moon and Stars bring to light. Similarly, in difficult times you should not lose hope.

Dotwork moon and stars tattoo with thin lines. (Source: @handsomeluke)

Source: @handsomeluke

Dotwork moon and stars wrist tattoo. (Source: @wildbonestattoos)

Source: @wildbonestattoos

Moon, stars and mountains ankle tattoo. (Source: @dorotson_)

Source: @dorotson_

Minimal moon and stars tattoo. (Source:


Colored traditional moon tattoo. (Source: @oldschool.mistress)

Source: @oldschool.mistress

Featured image: @yulright_tattoo

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