Small teddy bear tattoo.

43 Cute And Creative Teddy Bear Tattoos

Teddy bear tattoos come in many forms. If you're thinking about getting a teddy bear tattoo, check out our list for inspiration.

Teddy bears are a warm and welcoming little addition for any child growing up. For many, the memories of when you are younger are often accompanied by a stuffed teddy bear that was always there as a source of comfort and companionship.

If you had a teddy bear growing up, perhaps you’ve been considering getting a tattoo of it so you can keep them with you, wherever you go! Take a look at this list for reasons why you may get a teddy bear tattoo. And, draw inspiration from the curated list of teddy bear tattoos at the end.

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What Does a Teddy Bear Tattoo Mean?

Like any tattoo, it can mean anything. A teddy bear tattoo is special to someone for their own reasons. We’re going to cover a few of the reasons why someone would get a teddy bear tattoo:

  • Cherishing childhood memories – As mentioned, there are lots of people who grew up with a stuffed teddy bear that was always there for them. Oftentimes, this teddy bear was there since the beginning. By getting a teddy bear tattoo, you’re permanently memorializing them.
  • Remembering someone special – Since teddy bears are often at someone’s side, the teddy bear can be used as a symbol to remember them. This is especially true for those who have lost a child, as it’s a sweet way to honor their memory.
  • As an addition to a theme – If you want to get a tattoo for something specific to you, like music or sports, you can add a teddy bear to the design. For instance, you can get a teddy bear playing the guitar or acting as a goalie.

Finally, let’s take a look at some of the best cute bear tattoos from around the world.

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Baby Bear Tattoo

Baby Bear Tattoo

Tattoo by

Cute Handpoke Bear Tattoo

Cute Handpoke Bear Tattoo

Tattoo by @hairy.hehe.handpoke

Small Teddy Bear Tattoo

Small Teddy Bear Tattoo

Tattoo by

Gangster Teddy Bear Tattoo

Gangster Teddy Bear Tattoo

Tattoo by @fox.ttt



Teddy Bear Tattoo Ideas

Teddy Bear Tattoo 1

Teddy Bear Tattoo 2

Teddy Bear Tattoo 3


Teddy Bear Tattoo 4

Teddy Bear Tattoo 5

Teddy Bear Tattoo 6

Teddy Bear Tattoo 7

Teddy Bear Tattoo 8

Teddy Bear Tattoo 9

Teddy Bear Tattoo 11



Teddy Bear Tattoo 13

Teddy Bear Tattoo 14

Teddy Bear Tattoo 15

Teddy Bear Tattoo

Teddy Bear Tattoo 17

Teddy Bear Tattoo 18

Teddy Bear Tattoo 19

Teddy Bear Tattoo 20

Teddy Bear Tattoo 21

Teddy Bear Tattoo 22



Teddy Bear Tattoo 24

Teddy Bear Tattoo 26

Teddy Bear Tattoo 27

Teddy Bear Tattoo 28

Teddy Bear Tattoo 29

Teddy Bear Tattoo 31

Teddy Bear Tattoo 33

Teddy Bear Tattoo 34

Teddy Bear Tattoo 36

Teddy Bear Tattoo 42



Teddy Bear Tattoo 43

Teddy Bear Tattoo 44

Teddy Bear Tattoo 45

Teddy Bear Tattoo 46

Teddy Bear Tattoo 47

Teddy Bear Tattoo 48

Teddy Bear Tattoo 49

Teddy Bear Tattoo 50

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