5 Temporary Flower Tattoos and Floral Tattoos

Ever thought about getting a flower or floral tattoo design? Check out some of the coolest temporary flower designs first to get ideas!

Getting a real tattoo takes considerable thought. It’s an investment that will remain with you for a lifetime. Therefore, many prefer to preview their design and placement through the use of temporary tattoos.

There is a large range of temporary flower tattoos and floral tattoos that you can buy to see what they look like on your skin. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite temporary flower tattoos you can buy now to see how they look on you!

Tattoo ink reacts to each skin tone differently. Keep this in mind when testing these temporary tattoos, as the temporary flower tattoo may not look the same as an actual tattoo.

What Are Temporary Tattoos?

Temporary tattoos are self-described, they’re tattoos that are temporary rather than permanent. They often work as transfers that you apply to your skin with a little bit of water. As they dry, the design transfers from the paper to your skin.

Most temporary flower tattoos and temporary floral tattoos last between one to two weeks. However, this may vary based on the quality of the temporary tattoo and how often you clean the area. Some may only last between three to seven days.

5 Temporary Flower Tattoos and Floral Tattoos

All of these temporary flower and floral tattoos are available on Amazon. Take a look at our favorites below and order yourself some to see what they look like on you!

Take note of the safety warnings for each set of temporary flower tattoos. Some are FDA approved and safe for children, while others may have an age restriction.

Pick #1: Tiny Branch Black Temporary Flower Tattoos by FANRUI

Temporary flower tattoos by FANRUI.

In this pack, you’ll receive 15 sheets of temporary flower tattoos, including floral bouquets and wild flowers. The ink is non-toxic and even safe for children. The designs are easily transferred to your skin with just a bit of water, only taking around 10 to 20 seconds.


Pick #2: Large 3D Temporary Flower Tattoos by Zomme

Temporary flower tattoos by ZOMME.

Receive 22 sheets of temporary flower and floral tattoos. This pack contains a lot of rose and peony flower tattoos. As opposed to the flat designs offered by FANRUI, with this pack you’ll receive some 3D designs to see how they look. They are also FDA certified, making them fun for all ages.


Pick #3: Colored 3D Temporary Flower Tattoos by Konsait

Temporary flower tattoos by KONSAIT.

If you want to see how colored flowers look on your skin, check out some of these colored temporary flower tattoos. As always, they’re safe to use and easy to apply. You’ll receive 50 sheets with an assortment of floral designs, flower tattoos, and even some butterfly tattoos.


Pick #4: Temporary Flower Bunch Tattoos by VANTATY

Temporary flower tattoos by VANTATY.

If you want to preview some larger designs, VANTATY can provide you with 10 sheets of temporary flower tattoos. These ones are larger than the others and work great as tattoo sleeve inspiration. Apply them to different parts of your body to get a full preview of what they’ll look like as permanent pieces.


Pick #5: Rose, Cherry and Peony Blossom Temporary Tattoos by YAKAGO

Temporary flower tattoos by YAKAGO.

With this pack of 12 sheets from YAKAGO, you get to see what temporary tattoos rose, cherry blossoms, and peony flowers look like on you. They’re colored tattoos too, with some opting for a more traditional american design. These designs are quite large, perfect for long parts of the body like your arms, legs, or torso area.


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