8 USB Tattoos and Meanings

Thinking of getting a USB tattoo or flash drive tattoo? Check out some common meanings, as well as some inspiration for your tattoo!

USB stands for the Universal Serial Bus. These are the small ports connected to computers and other peripheral devices. USBs were first introduced on January 1, 1996. A Singaporean company first introduced these USB ports.

Some people love technology and computers so much that they want to get tattoos. Getting a USB tattoo is not meaningless. Suppose you are one of those who love usb tattoos but don’t know the meaning behind them. We will be helping you by sharing the purposes behind them.

USB Tattoo Meanings

In the beginning, most people were unaware of this technology. But nowadays, everybody knows the purpose and importance of USB ports. It is used in every office, home, and school for data storage. People that love modern technology love to get these USB tattoos.

Everybody wants to get a unique tattoo design. A USB tattoo is a unique and attractive artwork. Since it is a simple USB symbol, it allows a tattoo artist to play around and make it more interesting. The best placement for a USB symbol tattoo could be your thumb, forearm, wrist or behind your ears. Before getting a tattoo give yourself some time to think about its placement as it matters a lot.

USB tattoos are simple and easy to get. You can go into a tattoo parlor and get this tattoo quickly done. So people love to get these usb tattoos as they are simple and fun to get. And also, they look cool on every part of the body.

A USB tattoo symbolizes deep connection with technology. And people that love technology love to get these sorts of tattoos. So, technology remains with them forever, being inked on their skin.

7 More USB Flash Drive Tattoos

USB neck tattoo.
USB next tattoo by @albertomartin_tattooartist27.
Headphones with USB tattoo.
Headphones with USB tattoo by @nothingwildtattoo.
USB scorpian tattoo.
USB scorpion tattoo on arm by @dsmt.
Floral USB tattoo.
Floral USB tattoo by @kelynjames.
USB symbol tattoo.
USB symbol tattoo by @alejandrocarotattoos.
USB port tattoo.
USB port tattoo by @gustavomink.
Flash drive tattoo.
Flash drive tattoo by @k_randall_carl.

Featured image by @doble_d_ink_tattoo.

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8 USB Tattoos and Meanings

Thinking of getting a USB tattoo or flash drive tattoo? Check out some common meanings, as well as some inspiration for your tattoo!

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