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First Tattoo Tips: Everything You Need to Know

Thinking about getting your first tattoo? In this article we'll discuss what you should consider when planning your first tattoo.

Getting a tattoo comes with a lot of excitement, but there’s a bit of nervousness too. Nowadays, tattoos are popular, and tattoo studios are more common than ever. There are certain steps that ensure your experience will be easy and regret-free.

Before being tattooed, you should be aware of first tattoo tips. We are sharing some amazing tips for getting a tattoo that are going to help you a lot.



First Time Tattoo Tips

Before getting your first tattoo, you may have many doubts. Here are some first-time tattoo tips that will be helpful. These tips include what you should and shouldn’t do when getting a tattoo.

We will help you choose the style, placement, design. This will help you decide what to get for your first tattoo. This article also includes an aftercare routine that you can follow for a more pleasant experience after your tattoo appointment.

Take your time

You should take your time to decide whether to get it done or not. And what to get for your first tattoo. Also, to discover what kind of designs you love. Rather than rushing onto it, you should take your time and be sure about your decision. You can discuss it with your friends too.

Before getting the tattoo, you can also visit the tattoo artist to discuss and discover new styles. In fact, it’s encouraged. A professional tattoo artist will clear all kinds of confusion about tattooing that you might have.

Choose a style

Before getting a tattoo, you should be sure which kind of tattoo style you want to get. You should go for the style that fits your personality. This decision should be made long before. There are many tattoo styles, and each one is unique in its own way. Some popular tattoo styles are American traditional, Japanese traditional, realism, geometric, and blackwork tattoo styles.

There are many different styles, including:

  • American traditional – American traditional tattoos often feature bold lines and a color palette of red, green, yellow, and blue.
  • Japanese traditional – Japanese traditional tattoos often tell a story and are usually found in sleeves. They incorporate traditional Japanese-style artwork.
  • Realism – These are the tattoos of real-life subjects that have a heavy focus on shading.
  • Geometric – These tattoos are simple. They contain sharp black lines of different shapes.
  • Blackwork – This style consists of simple to complex tattoos. Only black inks are used in this artwork.
Use Pinterest to discover new tattoo styles. Pinterest is full of all types of tattoos, and is great to use for design inspiration. It also helps understand how to choose a first tattoo.

Find a reputable Tattoo artist

As it will be your first experience, you should consult your friends who have got a tattoo before. You should search for an artist who has good reviews. But you also shouldn’t be alarmed if there are some negative reviews too – just look at the ratio.

Visit several artists so you can choose one that you like. Do research to find the artist of your choice. You should discuss all the details with the artist so that they meet your expectations.

Think about size and placement

A good tattoo artist will always help you choose a size and placement which suits you. Rather than just telling your artist that you want the tattoo to be small, medium, or large, tell them how many inches you want it to be, or show them the approximate size that you’d like it to be. An incorrect size will make you regret the decision of being tattooed. Therefore, you should be more precise about the size. You should consider the views of your workplace on tattoos before deciding the size, as larger-sized tattoos are difficult to hide.

You may ask your friends for advice on tattoo placement. The severity of pain you experience depends upon the body part where you are getting the tattoo done. If part of the body being tattooed consists of more nerve endings, you will experience more pain. The opposite is also true – less nerve endings, less pain.


It is of utmost importance. A tattoo is going to be on your body for the rest of your life. So, a design should be decided carefully. You can seek help from your artist or may ask your friends.

A good artist will help you find the best design for you. They will also guide you on which design will look good on certain parts of the body. They can also advise whether they can do it or not – most tattoo artists have a particular style they specialize in.

Prepare Your aftercare routine

As you know, a tattoo is done underneath the skin. So, after getting it done, your skin becomes more vulnerable to infections. So an aftercare routine is essential. Your tattoo artist might give you some tips for it.

Keep your tattoo out of direct sunlight, and wear SPF every time you go out. You should carry SPF along with you so that it can be re-applied whenever needed.

Watch which kind of fabric you are wearing. Avoid wearing scratchy fabric that might result in tattoo irritation. You should continue the aftercare routine until the tattoo heals.

Don’t drink alcohol beforehand

Drinking alcohol results in blood thinning, which causes excessive bleeding. This may result in pain and irritation. This bleeding causes difficulty for the artist. As a result of which the design of the tattoo is compromised. So drinking alcohol before getting a tattoo done is a big no. One should stop alcohol intake at least 24 hours before getting a tattoo.

Wear loose clothing

Wear loose clothing so that your artist could have easy access to the part of the body getting tattooed. Loose clothes will also prevent any kind of scratchiness or irritation that a fabric may cause. Breathable, loose clothes will make it easier for the tattoo to be healed. It will also make you more relaxed.

Have a meal and drink water beforehand

No doubt, it is a painful process, and yes, you will bleed, so it is better to prepare your body for that. Not having a meal will lower your blood sugar level. As a result, this experience will be more painful. So it is better to eat something before and stay hydrated.

Keep your skin hydrated

Use a scent-free moisturizer on your tattoo twice a day. Keeping your skin hydrated helps reduce swelling, itchiness, and aids in healing.

We recommend using the Hustle Butter Tattoo Balm to keep your skin hydrated. It’s made from vegan-friendly ingredients and helps with tattoo healing.

Ask questions

Feel free to ask your artist questions so that they can clear all your doubts. Ask them what kinds of inks they are about to use to find out if you are allergic to them. Talk with them; it will help you a lot.

Ask them about different styles and designs. A good artist will try their best to answer all your questions. This will also help you to find if your artist is professional.




Being tattooed is always exciting. It gives you more self-confidence. You can get a tattoo of your favorite memory or the thing that you love most. So by following the first-time tattoo tips, you can make this whole process more calming and soothing.

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